Banana Snakaroon

Banana Snakaroons


Banana Snakaroons

Our nutrient rich and power packed Snakaroons will satisfy your sweet cravings without sacrificing your wellness. Delivering a healthy dose of proteins and the good fats your body needs, these tasty treats hit your organic sweet spot every time.  As a word play on macaroons, Snakaroons can be enjoyed as a wholesome organic snack, tea or coffee complement, or dessert cookie.

The Banana Snakaroon is a favorite of all ages – but is especially popular with kids.  It has a profound banana taste and aroma that is provided by the fresh organic bananas that are added to the coconut base.


Unsweetened Coconut,  Agave, Almonds, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Banana, Vanilla Extract, Himalayan Pink Salt



Approximately 8 Snakaroons in a bag
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